Episode 001 - Emil Handke

Portrait courtesy of Emil Handke

Portrait courtesy of Emil Handke

Show Notes

Episode 001 of the Zine Report podcast is finally here!

Photographer, Emil Handke joins me for this first episode, and I couldn't be more honored.  Emil's photo zine, 'Prelude to Silence' is the focal point of this episode, but we explore a wide range of topics. 

We talk about Emil's definition of a zine, where he draws inspiration and how he applies it, the importance of giving and receiving feedback from a community you can trust, how 'Prelude to Silence' ties into his larger body of work, 'In the Silence of the Night Sky', and other insights into making work that matters.

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all photographs copyright © Emil Handke

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Links mentioned in this episode:

CUTS - Limited edition, handmade photobook by Michael Winters.

Material Print Shop

Falls - Collaborative photo zine by Emil Handke, Timothy Robertson, and Michael Winters

Outland - Black & White zine by photographer Christopher de Buthane

There Are No More Islands - Timothy I. Robertson

Jörg Colberg and his online photography magazine, Conscientious

Black Cat Bone by poet John Burnside

The Art of Photography - a vlog hosted by photographer Ted Forbes

Humble Arts Foundation

Jeff Hamada creator of BOOOOOOOM


Alec Soth

Nathan Pearce

DNCHT - dienacht magazine and book publisher created by Calin Kruse

Fires - photobook by Ron Jude

Sequester by photographer Awoiska Van Der Molen

Dave Rothschild - photographer

Deadbeat Club

Letters to a Young Poet - 19th Century German poet, Rilke

Bird to Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott

The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield

Nils Frahm - composer

Max Richter - composer

Jóhann Jóhannsson - composer

Bon Iver & musician Justin Vernon